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Off The Lead provides a range of Dog Walking and Day Care Services for your dog to enjoy. We cater for all ages, from young puppies to older dogs.  
Relax in the knowledge that your dog will be carefully looked after, by qualified professionals, when enjoying our dog walking service. We provide a door-to-door service, in our fully fitted air conditioned vehicles, to pick up your dog and return them happy and relaxed after their walk. 
Our walks take place all over, from parks, to woodland, and even the beach. We believe in giving the dogs as much variety as possible and a range of different surroundings to explore and play in, all the while helping them to socialise and learn through positive training under the a safe care of experts. 

Group Walks £18 per walk 

We visit lots of different open spaces to give your dog variety and a whole host of different habitats to investigate. We don’t just walk your dog around the same park day after day. We pride ourselves on giving your dog an enriched environment and encourage polite behaviour around others. We play lots of different games and offer structured walks with well-mannered interaction and socialisation with other dogs. 
Our walks provide the perfect opportunity to socialise your puppy or adult dog properly, in a controlled way with people who really know what they are doing and who make sure your dog stays safe. 
From summer river walks, windy woodland walks and even the odd muddy ramble (all dogs will be towel dried before being dropped home) – your dogs will love our walks. 
All dogs will be given water before and after their walk to make sure they stay hydrated and healthy. 
For the more energetic dog who needs a lot of exercise or indeed if you work long hours, we also offer a comprehensive day care service 


Chester can’t wait to go out with Helena for his walks. He is always so happy to see her, she arrives on time and I never worry about what he’s doing or where he is. I know he’s in very safe hands. 
Alison Jones - Southfields 

Puppies can come too! £18 per walk 

As trained professionals, we understand that your puppy needs valuable socialisation yet needs to be careful not to over exercise. We have the perfect solution! Our puppies join our group walks and spend 20 minutes with our group interacting under our supervision. They will then go into one of our 'Outward Hound Puppy Bags' - specifically designed for puppies, so that they continue their socialisation but without any risk of damaging their joints. They then re join our group towards the end of the walk to continue their training.  
We take socialisation very seriously and do not allow our puppies to be too boisterous within our group - we want them to learn nice manners from the other more well balanced dogs so are careful to place them in the right group. We want your puppy to grow into a nice well mannered, well socialised adult dog so teaching appropriate play is crucial at a young age.  

Senior Strolls p.o.a 

For the older dog we offer a more bespoke service. We offer a walk with more mental stimulation and work with you and your dog to improve mobility and strengthen core muscles to prevent injury. We are on hand to help administer medication and ensure your dogs are happy both inside and out.  
It can be worrying when you have a Golden Oldie who is perhaps not as active as they once were, so we take each individual dog and work with you on designing a programme to ensure they get the very best care.  
Some dogs may need palliative care and we can provide this in your absence. If your dog is unwell and cannot manage a physical walk, we will come and sit with your dog so they are not alone and play games that they can partake in or just cuddle them to give support to them.  
For dogs that like to swim, we know some of the best spots.  
Even if your dog can't quite swim yet, we can teach them! 
During the hot summer months we like to let the dogs cool off by splashing around  
We like to play lots of games with our dogs. This can be with toys or using the natural environment. We have a huge array of toys that we bring out throughout the year. 
We use our environment to encourage our dogs to perform our 'Urban Agility'. From jumping on fallen logs to climbing trees, our more energetic dogs love this city dog sport. Doggy Parkour is so much fun! 
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